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Discovery MX10 – Dipslide Incubator

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What are dipslide incubators?

Pretty much as the name suggests it is a unit to maintain a steady temperature for dipslide incubation, a critical part of microbial testing and monitoring.

What is a dipslide incubator used for? Why do you need a dipslide incubator?

The Legionnaires’ disease Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8 requires regular monitoring of microbiological activity, and the use of a dipslide incubator (with associated dipslides) will assist with your compliance to ACOP and associated guideline documents surrounding the monitoring, cleaning, testing and controlling of Legionella bacteria in water systems.

How does the Discovery MX10 dipslide incubator work?

Complete with variable temperature control technology, the Discovery MX10 dipslide incubator also has an internal thermometer, allowing for visual confirmation of the internal temperature, and an automatic pressure valve installed near the handle to prevent a pressure vacuum. A heat reservoir chasm is also built in to keep the temperature stable and hold latent heat during incubation, even when larger, colder liquids are introduced.

The incubation period and set temperature should be the same each time the system is used to ensure that bacterial growth is controlled and consistent each time. Therefore, please allow for a warm-up period of 30 minutes prior to placing any dipslides into the incubator.

What are the benefits of using a Discovery MX10 dipslide incubator?

The dipslide incubator brings water to temperature quickly, allowing you to obtain efficient and accurate results on bacterial growth within your water systems. Designed for constant long-term operation, the Discovery MX10 dipslide incubator is extremely versatile, featuring a robust carry handle, heavy duty clips and an airtight seal, all of which allow users to easily transport and securely store samples to and from site locations. What’s more, thanks to the in-power car supply, samples can be incubated immediately as soon as they are transported from the location, with minimal drain on the vehicle’s battery.  

Where can the Discovery MX10 dipslide incubator be used?

Recommended for water treatment engineers and field technicians based both in the laboratory and across various site environments, the dipslide incubator comes with a range of features that make it ideal for those who need to incubate on-the-go. Plus, with universal snap-on/interchangeable plug adaptors that run on 12 volts DC, the dipslide incubator can be used anywhere in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

Discovery MX10 dipslide incubator – technical information

Technical information regarding the make and model of the Discovery MX10 dipslide incubator is indicated in the table below:



Product Number



8 Dipslides

Power Supply

12 V / 240 V

Temperature Range

Ambient + 5 to 45 oC

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 0.5 oC

External Dimensions

27 x 21 x 10 cm


1.2 kg

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