Why choose SOCOTEC?

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SOCOTEC offers a variety of bespoke, professional health and safety training courses suitable for organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. Each course equips delegates with the skills and competencies required to recognise and manage health and safety and environmental risk in the workplace.

Why is health and safety training important?

From site safety and first aid to risk assessment/management, it can prove challenging to discern exactly what type of health and safety training your organisation needs. The range of training courses available cover a broad spectrum of health, safety and environmental risk-related issues, allowing delegates of all abilities to gain the practical skills required to recognise common hazards, understand individual responsibility and implement control measures. This not only helps employers and managers to understand how health and safety can affect a business, but it also ensures that every organisation complies with health and safety legislation and HSE guidelines.

In certain cases, it is highly recommended for workplace safety training to be repeated on an annual basis. As a result, SOCOTEC provides a number of health and safety refresher training courses that enable delegates to keep in the loop with all of the latest regulations and industry updates. These are available to all delegates that have successfully completed the original training course.

In-house and online training from recognised awarding bodies

Accredited by nationally recognised awarding bodies such as IOSH, NEBOSH, CIBSE and UKATA, many of the health and safety training courses on offer are also available to complete in an online/e-learning format. Moreover, alongside SOCOTEC’s own training facilities, delegates also have the option of receiving in-house workplace safety training, where courses are delivered on your own premises.

PPE to buy

SOCOTEC’s shop provides users with access to purchasing of training/e-learning courses and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), including harnesses, lanyards and Latchways Personal Rescue Devices (PRD). This ensures that customers are provided with both the tools and knowledge to remain fully compliant with health and safety legislation in the workplace.

In-house courses

Training at your premises

Training at your premises can be a very cost effective solution to your training needs, saving you travel expenses and giving you a flexible choice of dates and times. You simply need to provide a room that is comfortable for the number of delegates attending and we will provide all training materials, projector and the trainer! 


Full training management and administration services

Running training programmes for large organisations with large delegate numbers can be extremely time consuming and difficult. At SOCOTEC we have been doing this for a long time and our training support team can take on this role for you.

Allowing SOCOTEC to effectively “own” the training programme makes for a better solution all round. By having delegate names against required courses allows us to optimise the training programme by ensuring full courses at convenient locations. By having full oversight of the programme we can greatly reduce cost, improve quality and provide a total service solution.

For further details, please call our training team on 01327 811166 or contact us.

Tailored training solutions

At SOCOTEC, we are always looking to improve and enhance any standard solution. Training is one area where a bespoke course can have hugely positive effects and greatly increase the learning outcomes from the courses being delivered.

Using our in-house technical experts, SOCOTEC, can develop courses that meet your exact needs using your own logos, policies, procedures, examples, case studies, etc. We will work with you to create a course that works for your business and then deliver the training programme through our in-house training team.

Courses can be delivered face to face or through our online portal; they can be on a one to one basis or to large groups and can be accredited if required.

We can also enhance the delivery methodology of these courses – making them more in tune with you as a business.

Training needs analysis

Compiling and analysing data on how your business operates, helps to maintain profit and growth. A training needs analysis of your employee’s duties and capabilities will assist you to identify potential areas for improvement.

SOCOTEC can assist with a structured (TNA) which will to enable you to be legally compliant and a more efficient and streamline business.

For further details please call our training team on 01327 811166 or contact us.