Carbon Block Water Filters

Carbon Block Water Filters

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What is a carbon block water filter and where can it be used?

A carbon block filter cartridge is used to reduce based tastes, odour and sediment in potable drinking water, particularly chlorine and other harmful contaminants. Carbon block filters can be used across a wide range of commercial, food service and industrial applications, while also serving as an effective polishing filter/pre-filter in systems which require fine filtration and have a high capacity.

How does a carbon block water filter work?

Carbon block filters are made of fine granules held together with a bonding agent, which only takes up 15% of the surface area. Impure water flows in through the side of the carbon block filter cartridge and sends filtered water through the top, with the impure particles removed through the process of absorption. As carbon is ground to a finer granule, the surface area increases, giving the carbon more capacity to hold and prevent contaminants from filtering through.

What are the benefits of using a carbon block water filter versus GAC filters?

With an enhanced dirt holding capacity due to its extremely porous surface area, carbon block filter cartridges reduce fine particles as small as 0.5 micron in size. The structure of the carbon block cartridge allows it to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, Toxoplasma and Giardia.

GAC filters contain loose granules of carbon, while carbon block activated carbon filters feature solid blocks of compressed carbon. A key benefit of carbon block filters is that they allow for water to be in contact with carbon for a longer period, allowing for better contaminant removal. Furthermore, carbon block filter cartridges do not run the risk of ‘channelling’ like GAC filters, a process which reduces the efficiency of the filter due to the reduction in contact time between the contaminants and the carbon.

    Information on the dimensions, micron and flow rating of the carbon block water filter can be found below:



    Micron rating

    Flow rating


    66mm x 248mm

    (2.5” x 10”)


    >20,000 gallons, 2 gpm (75,700L, 7.6 Lpm)


    66mm x 508mm

    (2.5” x 20”)


    >45,000 gallons 2 gpm (170,300L, 7.6 Lpm)


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