Abrasive Wheels Training Course

Abrasive Wheels Training

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Please note: Client must supply their own equipment to be used on the practical element. Equipment must display the manufacturer's safety information.

The Abrasive Wheel training course teaches delegates how to safely store, select and mount abrasive wheels and discs on portable and benchmounted machines. With nearly half of all workplace-related accidents involving abrasive wheels occurring as a result of an unsafe system of work or operator error, delegates will be provided with the knowledge and competence to keep themselves and others safe during the handling, operation and maintenance of abrasive wheels.

Key points

  • Experience: No prerequisites required
  • Duration: Half-day
  • Assessment: Multiple choice examination and a practical demonstration
  • Teaching method: Classroom-based learning which can be delivered in-house or at one of SOCOTEC’s training facilities across the UK

Abrasive Wheel training – aims/objectives

The Abrasive Wheel training course ensures that delegates are competent and safe when using an array of abrasive wheels for varying requirements. It has been designed to provide delegates with the information and skills required for mounting disc cutters and other such abrasive equipment, such as saws.

Throughout the Abrasive Wheel training course, delegates will learn about the different types of abrasive wheels available, how they can be used, the associated risks/dangers and abrasive wheel safety. Course content will be delivered in line with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, which require all staff who use abrasive wheels in the workplace to receive training in the safe use of tools and change of wheels.

Abrasive Wheel training course structure

Once the course content has been covered, delegates will be assessed via a short multiple-choice assessment paper to summarise all of their learnings from the Abrasive Wheel training course. They will also be required to carry out a practical demonstration of how to safely carry out a disc mounting procedure.

Please note: Attendees must supply their own equipment to be used during the practical element of the Abrasive Wheel training course. This equipment must display the manufacturer’s safety information.

Abrasive Wheel training course outcomes

By the end of the Abrasive Wheel training course, delegates will have a better understanding of the legal requirements how to safely use an abrasive wheel. They will also be able to successfully pinpoint and prevent possible hazards, as well as select and check out the appropriate abrasive wheel, PPE and safety equipment required for the job.

Please note that the Abrasive Wheel training course is not a replacement for practical abrasive wheel training. Instead, it should be used alongside the practical training to increase workplace safety, raise awareness of legal responsibilities and reduce the chance of any occupational-related injury.  

The Abrasive Wheel training course is suitable for anyone who, through their work, comes into contact with abrasive grinding or cutting wheels. It is also suitable for those who require familiarisation with the relevant regulations or who need a complete introduction to the equipment.

Abrasive Wheel Training Course – overview

The Abrasive Wheel training course covers a range of topics, spanning from legal requirements to workplace health and safety. These include:

  • Legislation and regulations
  • Characteristics of an abrasive wheel
  • Hazards and precautions
  • Storage and guarding
  • Handling and transporting
  • How to inspect/test for damage
  • Mounting, dressing and balancing
  • Marking an abrasive wheel