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Safeguarding Adults

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What is safeguarding adults training?

Everyone has a level of responsibility when it comes to protecting adults from harm, and the Safeguarding Adults e-learning course highlights the importance of preventing, identifying and responding to various cases of abuse and neglect. To ensure adults are respected, listened to, supported and protected throughout the entire safeguarding process, delegates will be taught how to adopt a person-centred approach, as well as gaining an insight into the legal framework that supports adult safeguarding practices.   

Key points

  • Experience: Delegates whose role involves working with adults at risk in a full-time, part-time or voluntary basis
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Assessment: End of course examination
  • Teaching method: E-learning

Safeguarding Adults – aims/objectives

The key aim of the Safeguarding Adults course is to enable delegates to confidently explain what adult safeguarding involves and equip them with a clear understanding of their role in the process. They will be able to identify the signs of abuse and neglect, recognise an adult ‘at risk’ and be able to describe the best way to respond to and report concerns, helping to protect an adult’s right to live in safety.

Safeguarding Adults – course structure

Once they have completed their safeguarding training, delegates are required to take a final examination comprising 10 default questions, which requires a minimum pass rate of 70%.

Please note that administrators for the Safeguarding Adults course have the ability to change the pass mark, implement a random test question feature and specify that more than 10 questions must be answered.

Safeguarding Adults – course outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Safeguarding Adults course, delegates will receive a certificate demonstrating their newfound knowledge of adult safeguarding which will be available to download and print immediately.

Who is the Safeguarding Adults course suitable for?

The Safeguarding Adults course is suitable for delegates whose roles and responsibilities involve working with adults at risk in a full-time, part-time or voluntary basis.

Safeguarding Adults – course overview

The Safeguarding Adults course will deliver a general overview and advice/support on how to respond if delegates suspect or are aware of abuse taking place. Throughout their safeguarding training, delegates will cover the six key principles of adult safeguarding – empowerment, prevention, proportionality protection, partnership and accountability. They will also be provided with a range of scenarios to identify what varying forms of abuse and neglect may look like, as this is an essential aspect of the adult safeguarding process and must be acted on quickly.

Key topics covered throughout the Safeguarding Adults online training course are as follows:

  • What is adult safeguarding?
  • Your individual role in the adult safeguarding process
  • Recognising different forms of abuse and neglect
  • Responding to and reporting adult safeguarding concerns