Risk Assessment Online Training Course

Risk Assessment Online Training Course

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A risk assessment is integral to ensuring the health and safety of a business, as it allows for the anticipation of workplace risks and the subsequent implementation of appropriate control measures which ensure that employees are safe from harm. Legislation states that organisations of all types must take steps to protect them ‘as far as is reasonably practicable’, so it is vital that employers ensure all staff members responsible for the health and safety of their colleagues undertake Risk Assessment training.

This 20-minute Risk Assessment e-learning course has been designed to provide delegates with the knowledge they need to complete a safe, suitable and legally compliant risk assessment in their workplace.

  • Suitability: Anyone who has responsibility for carrying out a risk assessment within their workplace, including line managers, supervisors, business owners, safety representatives
  • Experience: No prerequisites required
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Number of module: 5
  • Assessment: There is no formal assessment for the Risk Assessment training course, but delegates must complete all five modules to become fully qualified
  • Teaching method: Online

Written in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999, the Risk Assessment training course provides a general overview of the concept behind risk assessments and their importance in ensuring workplace safety. Delegates will learn how to identify risks, evaluate the likelihood of harm and know when to implement, monitor and review appropriate control measures, equipping them with the confidence and competence required to carry out risk assessments safely and accurately. 

Risk Assessment E-learning – course content

The Risk Assessment training course is tailored to teach delegates exactly what risk assessments are and how and when exactly to perform them. Outlining relevant areas of basic legislation and the importance of compliance, delegates will learn the objectives and key practical techniques that make up the risk assessment process. They will gain a thorough understanding of how to create a plan of action in the event that they spot or encounter any hazards, equipping them with the confidence to apply all of these skills within almost any working environment.

Following successful completion of the Risk Assessment training course, delegates will receive certification that demonstrates their awareness of what is required to carry out a risk assessment safely and sensibly. There is no expiry date for this certification, but the recommended guidelines for participating in refresher training is 365 days after initial completion of the course.

Delegates will have a thorough understanding of the relationship between risk assessments and how they help to maintain a high standard of workplace health and safety. They will be fully aware of the legal responsibilities required of employers and staff, the associated injuries/ill health that can occur as a result of poor health and safety management, as well as the five key stages of the risk assessment procedure.

Risk Assessment training – course overview

As part of the Risk Assessment course, delegates will cover the following content across five modules:

  • An Introduction to Risk Assessment – Moral, Legal and Financial Reasons for Health and Safety
  • Defining Hazards and Risks
  • The Differences Between Near Misses and Accidents
  • The Five Steps to Risk Assessment
  • Principles of Prevention/Control Measures
  • Please note that the Risk Assessment e-learning course has been designed to provide awareness education only, and delegates will require additional training to gain the necessary practical skills that will enable them to carry out a formal risk assessment in their place of work.

    The Risk Assessment training course can be tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements, providing delegates with a more focused understanding of how they can apply risk assessment techniques within their own workplace. A maximum of 12 delegates are permitted on the Risk Assessment course at any given time, with small group teaching ensuring that training can be delivered in a bespoke format when required.

    If delegates would like to learn more about how risk assessments apply to a particular area of their role, SOCOTEC’s Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and/or Manual Handling Essentials e-learning courses provide an optional practical risk assessment at the end of training, allowing delegates to apply all of their newly acquired skills and knowledge within a practical exercise.

    For further information on SOCOTEC’s e-learning and in-house training courses, follow this link.