Safety Awareness Training

Safety Awareness Training

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This course aims to provide delegates with the information necessary to work safely within their workplace and to understand how they can manage their own safety and the safety of those who share their workplace.

1 day

The law states that employers must ensure that their staff receive adequate and regular training in health and safety. This course gives employees a brief overview of workplace safety and is designed to complement a range of other more detailed subject-specific courses such as fire safety and Manual Handling for example.

On completion of the course, delegates will have:
• An introduction to health and safety
• An understanding of the legal framework
• An understanding of the responsibilities of managers and supervisors
Be able to:
• Identify the risk assessment process
• List common hazards in the workplace
• Define the term manual handling
• Understand what is a hazardous substance

Have a basic instruction and introduction to:
• fire safety
• accident reporting

Multiple choice examination papers