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Sleep Awareness

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Causes of insomnia

Insomnia can be described as poor quality sleep due to many causes including difficulty with getting to sleep, staying asleep for an inadequate amount of time, waking frequently during the night, difficultly returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning or feeling unrefreshed after sleep.  

It is very common for people to have difficulties with sleep - in fact, it could be as high as one in three of us. The causes of disrupted sleep could be one of many, for example, a noisy or busy sleep environment, stressful life events that you can’t switch off from, working shifts or even your diet. It’s not always easy to get consistently good sleep, however, sleep is so important to your health and wellbeing.

How to improve your sleep quality

This online Sleep Awareness course incorporates and adds to the information provided in the Healthy Living Awareness course. It aims to develop your understanding of the importance of sleep, and how it can affect your health and wellbeing. It also looks at tools and techniques to help you improve your sleep, such as incorporating a sleep routine, adapting your sleep environment and being more active. This course also includes information on how stress can impact your sleep, such as disrupting your sleep cycle and adding to physical and mental health issues. It’s helpful to be able to recognise your own stress, and this course will help you do this, along with providing some techniques to manage stress and help you to get a good night’s sleep.

The information included in this course is gathered from reliable and current recommendations from sources such as the World Health Organization, the Health and Safety Executive and the National Sleep Foundation.

Key Points

  • Suitability: All audiences
  • Experience: No prerequisites required
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Assessment: Online final test
  • Teaching method: Online

Aims/objectives of Sleep Awareness training

This Sleep Awareness training aims to increase delegates’ knowledge and understanding of the importance of sleep, how much sleep is optimal, why we have disrupted sleep, how we can use technology as an aid for better sleep, and the link between managing stress and good quality sleep.

The Sleep Awareness course objectives:

  • Explain why sleep is important and what occurs during sleep
  • Discuss the recommended duration of sleep for adults
  • Explore various causes of interrupted sleep and how this can be improved
  • Discuss the use of technology as an aid to track and improve sleep
  • Recognise methods for coping with stress to help develop good quality sleep

Structure of Sleep Awareness training

The Sleep Awareness training course uses interactive tools and animated instructions to help delegates develop an understanding of the importance of sleep and tools to help improve sleeping patterns.

Sleep Awareness course outcomes

Upon completion of the Sleep Awareness online course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand sleeping patterns and why sleep is important
  • Recognise why sleep can become disrupted and ways this can be improved
  • Understand how stress can affect our sleeping patterns
  • Appreciate the use of technology in tracking and improving sleep quality and duration

Who is Sleep Awareness training suitable for?

Sleep Awareness training is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and understanding of why sleep is important, how much we need of it, and ways to develop good sleeping habits.

Overview – Sleep Awareness

Main sections in Sleep Awareness online training include:

  • Course overview
  • What is sleep and why it is important
  • Improving sleep quality and duration
  • How stress can impact our sleep and ways to reduce this
  • Final test – 10 questions with a pass rate requirement of 70%

Once you have completed this 25 minute Sleep Awareness course and have passed the final test you will be able to download and print your completion certificate.

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