Water softener salt

Water Softener Salt

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What is water softener salt?

Made from sodium chloride, water softener salts come in three separate forms – tablet, granular and block* – and are designed to take the build-up of minerals out of hard water and switch them with ions that will soften the water instead. The salt is added to water as a regenerative measure, returning the water that passes through the resin column back into its original state.

*Please note that only tablet and granular water softener is available to purchase via SOCOTEC’s online Shop. The water softener can be purchased in bulk, with 10kg salt bags available in packs of 100.

What is water softener salt used for and where can it be used?

Water softener salts are used to regenerate the water within small and medium domestic systems, such as dishwashers, boilers, washing machines and showers. By softening water, salt water treatments are able to deliver cost savings when it comes to the service, maintenance and replacement of water systems. Salt tablets are used in most domestic and commercial water softeners, while granular salt is generally used for older water softeners, such as industrial grade softeners.

How does water softener salt work?

Water softener salt uses sodium chloride to exchange the ions out of the hard water that passes through the resin column, replacing them with ions that will soften the water instead. When the hard water passes through the resin column, calcium and magnesium contained within hard water is attracted to the positively charged sodium ions in the water softener salt. The bonds between the calcium and magnesium is stronger than the bond with the sodium ions.

What are the benefits of using water softener salt?

Water softener salt provides a number of different benefits to domestic and commercial water systems, including improving the energy efficiency and longevity of hot water and heating systems, reducing a build-up of lime scale and preventing damage. By ensuring a constant supply of soft water, this in turn has a positive effect on the output of the system itself, maximising its performance and helping to reduce costs in the long-term.

If the water softener is not using salt, it may indicate one of a number of problems concerning the timer, valve motor, rotor valve and venture. A common solution is to check for a salt bridge in the water tank, testing this by using a broom handle into the salt pellet within the tank. If it hits a hard crust of caked pallet, this is an indication of a salt bridge forming in the tank. This can then be broken up to allow brine water to dissolve the salt, which will allow the water softener to begin using the salt supply chain.

How regularly you are required to add water softener salt to your brine tank depends on how often your system needs to regenerate, as the more your softener regenerates, the more salt it will consume.


Water softener salt is available for purchase in tablet and granular form via credit/debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Please contact us if you would like to pay by bank transfer or raise a PO.

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