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Water Hardness Yes/No Tablets

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What are Water Hardness Yes/No Test tablets?

Also known as Yes/No tablets, water hardness test tablets are used as a simple control test and analysis method for industrial and domestic water systems, helping to determine whether the water in the sample is hard or soft. The tablets can also be used on a regular basis to ensure that the fitted water softener continues to work to its full capacity. 

What are Water Hardness Yes/No Test tablets used for?

With many areas of the UK producing hard water, it is important for those who are responsible for the maintenance of domestic and industrial water systems to carry out a water hardness test to prevent the build-up of limescale as a result of the high levels of calcium and magnesium present.

When left untreated, limescale can cause irreparable damage to appliances and plumbing systems over time, reducing their efficiency and lifespan, as well as increasing energy and maintenance costs. To counteract this, it is therefore essential that a business or home water test kit is employed to assess the level of hardness in these systems.

How do Water Hardness Yes/No Test tablets work?

When using the water hardness yes/no tablets, first collect a water sample in a designated container. The amount of water and number of tablets used per test depends on the level of hardness, as illustrated below:

  • Less than 4mg/l hardness – 50ml water sample and one tablet
  • Less than 8mg/l hardness– 50ml water sample and two tablets
  • Less than 20mg/l hardness – 20ml water sample and two tablets.

Crush and dissolve the tablets into the water sample, shaking until they have completely dissolved. Once the tablets are placed in the sample, any excess calcium and magnesium in the water sample will react with the indicator in the tablet which will produce a distinctive red or green to indicate whether it is above or below the hardness limit.

The Yes/No tablets operate on a traffic light-based system – if the water has turned red, the total hardness is more than expected, while if the water is green, the total hardness is less than expected and softened water is being produced. A colour change should take place at a water hardness of around 8mg/l, with hardness below this limit generally suitable for domestic and industrial applications. Once the result is determined, rinse and dry the sample containers after each test.

What are the benefits of using Water Hardness Yes/No Test tablets?

The Yes/No tablets are an extremely straightforward and cost-effective means of testing water parameters and determining whether the water is hard and the softener bed requires regeneration or replacement. Results are produced almost instantly, allowing for immediate action to be taken if required.

Where can Water Hardness Yes/No Test tablets be used?

Water hardness analysis should be carried out on both domestic and industrial water systems which utilises a base exchange water softener to remove hardness salts.

Additional information

The Yes/No tablets come in a pack of 50 and should be stored in a cool, dry place below 32 degrees Celsius. They should also be kept away from excess heat and direct sunlight.

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