CITB Site Safety Plus - Achieving Behavioural Changes (ABC)

Site Safety Plus - Achieving Behavioural Change course

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Please note that the ABC course is available at a location of your choice for a maximum of 15 delegates to participate at any given time. If you are interested in booking a private course, please enquire below.

According to National Safety Plus, 80-90% of accidents in the workplace are caused by human error, which is why it is so important for organisations to regularly monitor, change and improve the behaviour of their staff. Accredited by CITB, the Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC) course is designed to teach delegates the importance of enforcing a positive change in safety behaviour, underlining how an improvement in communication and collaboration across all levels can help to reduce the risk of accidents and incidents at work.

  • Experience: Delegates who are looking to adopt behavioural change relating to site safety in the construction/civil engineering sectors
  • Duration: One day
  • Assessment: Multiple choice test
  • Teaching method: Classroom-based learning which can be delivered in-house or at one of SOCOTEC’s training facilities across the UK

Achieving Behavioural Change course – aims/objectives

The CITB Site Safety Plus ABC course aims to teach delegates how to enforce a shift in worker attitude towards behaviour, helping to create a positive safety culture via effective communication, managerial commitment and worker engagement. They will gain an understanding of the benefits and links between behavioural change and good safety performance, helping to ensure the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. Delegates will also achieve a greater understanding of the psychology of risk taking, recognising how to apply a range of behavioural strategies to motivate workers to engage in safer attitudes on site.

Achieving Behavioural Change course structure

Forming an integral part of the Site Safety Plus ABC course, delegates will apply of the knowledge acquired through their behavioural change training to two risk reduction methods – STAARR (Stop, Think, Assess, Act, Report and Review) and TASK (Think Fast, Act Safe, Stop If Hazardous, Keep Safe). They will then be required to sit a multiple choice test, where they will assess behaviour and attitudes across a range of workplace safety situations.

Who is the Achieving Behavioural Change course suitable for?

The Site Safety Plus ABC course is suitable for delegates in a leadership position looking to adopt behavioural change in relation to construction site safety, such as contractors, supervisors, managers and operatives.

Achieving Behavioural Change course outcomes

By the end of the ABC course, delegates will have a sharper understanding of the relationship between behaviour, attitude and change, being able to confidently apply the STAARR and TASK methods to a range of health and safety hazards. They will be awarded a nationally recognised certificate as proof of their successful completion of the behaviour change training course, which is valid for five years after the date of issue. Once they have obtained this, delegates will be eligible for participation in the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) and Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) courses, both of which are available through SOCOTEC.

Achieving Behavioural Change course overview

Delegates will cover the following subject matter during the ABC course:

  • Legal duties of employers and employees
  • Defining control measures, hazards and risks
  • Identifying possible reasons and causes of accidents
  • Identifying the link between attitude and behaviour
  • Understanding attitudes and behaviours in relation to good safety performance
  • Understanding the damage and costs caused by poor safety performance
  • Getting safety right and achieving the behavioural change goal