Latchways Removable Transfastener
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Latchways Mansafe Removable Transfastener System

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As a high percentage of falls from height take place as a result of human error, workers must take every precaution to ensure they are attaching roof safety systems with care and accuracy. Misjudgement can occur when karabiners are clipped on and off fall arrest systems, maximising the potential of a fall from height if they are not properly attached. To counteract this, the MSA Latchways Mansafe Removable Transfastener is specifically designed to eliminate the risk of human error when using a roof safety system.

How does the Latchways Removable Transfastener work?

Forming part of Latchways’ collection of horizontal lifeline mobile anchors, the Removable Transfastener comprises a patented starwheel mechanism which enables the user to move continuously along the intermediary cable supports and corner brackets while remaining attached to the fall arrest system at all times. As a result, the need for users to disconnect and reattach to the system when changing direction or crossing cable supports is completely eliminated, allowing for hands-free operation.

Suitable for use on rooftops, facades and inclined and horizontal systems, the Removable Transfastener is designed to connect the user to the Mansafe system via a full body harness. When the karabiners are attached directly to the harness, the device can be used from both sides of the Latchways Mansafe system, moving along horizontally, around corners and up and down inclines. However, unlike other mobile anchors, the Removable Transfastener can attach or detach at any safe point without the need for entry or exit components.

Made from 316S and 1714 PH stainless steel and suitable for temperatures from -30°C to over 50°C, the Latchways Removable Transfastener is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. To ensure that the gate and body of the mobile anchor are suitable for use on the Mansafe system the Transfastener needs to be in a closed position, secured by the karabiner and have a minimum diameter and width of 10mm. Please note that users must wear the full body harness in order to operate the mobile anchor and it should only ever be attached to one user at a time.

How does the Latchways Removable Transfastener comply with health and safety regulations and standards associated with working at height/PPE?

The Latchways Removable Transfastener complies with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 as it is capable of sustaining the maximum dynamic force created when one person and any equipment they are carrying falls from height. It also meets BS EN 795:2012 Class C standards for flexible horizontal anchor lines and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 classified.

The manufacturer complies with Regulation 12 of the Work at Height Regulations, which recommends that a formal recorded examination of the Latchways Removable Transfastener should take place every 12 months by an authorised individual other than the user. This is in addition to Regulation 7 of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, which requires regular maintenance, cleaning and replacement of PPE where necessary. 

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