Fire Door Safety Training

Fire Door Safety Training

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According to a recent study, three quarters of fire doors inspected by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) were condemned as not fit for purpose in 2019. Out of the 2,700 inspections carried out across 100,000 buildings across the UK, the top reasons for failure were cited as excessive gaps, smoke sealing issues and poorly adjusted door closers. As a crucial aspect of passive fire protection, fire doors should be installed correctly in the first place and be regularly maintained so as to prevent the spread of smoke and fire, allow time to escape and reduce damage to the building in the event of a fire.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005* requires those who are responsible for fire safety in a building (otherwise known as a ‘competent person’) to:

  • Only source certified fire doors, door sets or assemblies and conforming fire door ironmongery
  • Only use competent fire door installers for installation/repair
  • Undertake regular fire door checks as part of the Pre-Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme (PPM)
  • Ensure that those undertaking fire door checks have an awareness of fire door safety
  • Ensure that they have a suitable method for reporting issues with fire doors and undertaking remedial actions.

In order to remain fully compliant with the above legislation, it is strongly recommended that those responsible for fire safety on the premises that they manage undertake fire door training to ensure that their knowledge is completely up-to-date.

*Please note that the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 only covers general fire safety in England and Wales, and that different laws apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Key points

  • Suitability: Recommended for those with day-to-day responsibility for fire compliance and fire safety checks in buildings across all settings
  • Experience: No prerequisites required
  • Duration: Half-day
  • Assessment: Predominantly theoretical with a practical element and an end of course test
  • Teaching method: Classroom-based with practical element

Fire Door Safety training – aims/objectives

As delegates participate in the Fire Door Safety training course, they will recognise the importance of carrying out regular fire door safety checks, knowing exactly what to look for when undertaking the inspection process. As they proceed through their fire door training, delegates will understand the purpose and basic elements of a fire door, linings and frames, as well as the consequences of poorly fitted/maintained doors.

Fire Door Safety training – course structure

The Fire Door Safety training course is largely theoretical-based, although delegates will also be required to participate in a practical element to reinforce their newly acquired knowledge, which involves the physical inspection of a fire safety door. There will also be an end of course assessment to undertake, where, if successful, delegates will be issued with a certificate.

Fire Door Safety training – outcomes

By the end of the Fire Door Safety training course, delegates will have a thorough understanding of the role that they play in relation to fire door safety. They will fully comprehend the regulations and safety standards that apply to fire doors, the critical components within a fire door and how they contribute to fire safety, while also demonstrating their knowledge of a fire door inspection procedure and testing requirements.

Who is the Fire Door Safety training course suitable for?

The Fire Door Safety training course is suited to professionals who have daily responsibility for fire compliance and fire door safety checks on buildings in all settings across the UK, including facilities managers, safety inspectors, landlords for certain rented properties, building managers and caretakers. Please note that this course does not qualify participants as a recognised fire door safety inspector.

Fire Door Safety training – course overview

During their fire door training, delegates will cover the following subject matter:

  • The legal requirements and health and safety standards relating to fire door safety
  • The different types of fire doors and how they perform in the event of a fire
  • Correct installation procedures and what to look for during a fire door inspection
  • The importance of regular fire door maintenance and repair.

A maximum of eight delegates per session are able to book onto the Fire Door Safety training at one time due to the practical nature of the course. Training sessions will be in-house only, with no open courses available.

Please note that SOCOTEC’s Health & Safety Consultancy will adhere to current social distancing guidelines at all times when carrying out health and safety training courses at its dedicated training facilities and on client premises.