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Bromine Comparator Test Kit

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What is a bromine test kit and what is it used for?

Bromine-based water tests are ideal for water treatment applications due to bromine’s ability to kill harmful contaminants, including tough waterborne viruses and a wide spectrum of bacteria. Used to assess the level of bromine across a range of industrial applications, a bromine water test should be carried out regularly to ensure that there is an adequate level of the chemical within the water to kill off any harmful bacteria.

How does a bromine water test work?

Bromine disassociates in water forming hypobromous acid, which has powerful disinfectant properties due to its ability to kill the cells of many pathogens. It also reacts with other substances in the water to form bromine-by products. To use the bromine comparator test kit, adhere to the following instructions:

  • Fill both cells to the 10ml mark with the chosen water sample
  • Place one cell in the left hand compartment of the comparator as a blank
  • Add one DPD tablet to the remaining cell in the right hand compartment and close the lid, shaking it slightly to ensure that the tablet has dissolved
  • Ensure that the tablet is not handled before it is placed into the tester, as fingerprints could give off a false reading
  • Rotate the disc until the colour matches that of the water sample
  • Match the two colour fields against northern day light before reading the concentration value.

What are the benefits of using a bromine test kit?

The bromine water test kit provides easy to interpret readings, thanks to the diffuser panel that helps to disperse light evenly among the sample and the blank tube. Housed in a handy one-piece comparator and complete with a carry case for on-site testing, the bromine testing kit is sufficient for 100 tests, with a range of 0-5ppm. The colour discs included have a continuous gradient, making it possible to achieve a direct colour match and an accurate reading consecutively.

Where can a bromine water test be carried out?

The bromine comparator kit offers a wide range of parameters and testing applications that measures the level of bromine across water systems in a number of different industries. Uses of bromine comparator kits for testing purposes include chemical, food and beverage, wastewater, marine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and energy industries, in addition to decorative fountains, pools and spas. The kits are also widely used for microbiological control within cooling tower systems.

Additional information

As with chlorine, please be aware that bromine is corrosive to human tissue when in a liquid state, and the vapours are toxic when inhaled. Prolonged exposure can lead to the malfunctioning of the nervous system and stomach, organ damage and, in some cases, cancer. Those carrying out the bromine water test should therefore wear appropriate clothing and PPE. Bromine can also impact on the surrounding environment, causing damage to mammals and plants.

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